Dithmarscher Luftsportverein e.V.

the club

one for all

... that's our motto

With currently 236 members, the Dithmarscher Luftsportverein e.V. is one of the larger aeroclubs in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Gliding and powered flight are operated. There are also some ultralight aircraft in the ranks of the DLV members. Flying is not just a one-on-one experience. Teamwork is particularly important in gliding. But you also have a positive group experience on joint excursions, celebrations or work assignments.

The Saint Michaelisdonn airfield has been owned by the DLV since 1997. The club has thus taken on the major task of keeping the airfield alive as a leisure facility as well as an infrastructure facility for the region and to increase its attractiveness as far as possible.

The DLV’s modern aircraft fleet is excellently maintained in the club’s own workshop. In the DLV, anyone who is interested and fit to fly can start gliding training at the age of 14 and motorized flight training at the age of 16. However, you don’t have to start that young – some of the flight students are already over 60 years old and are fulfilling their childhood dreams. Committed flight instructors train on a voluntary basis, so that the acquisition of the motorized pilot’s license in the DLV is possible at low cost. Since gliding is of course even cheaper, it is mostly young people who make their first flight experiences here. Some with the goal of becoming a commercial pilot one day – and so there are actually Lufthansa pilots who started their flying career at DLV.