Dithmarscher Luftsportverein e.V.

the region

water, wadden sea & nature

Whether directly on the North Sea coast or on the green land behind the dykes, whether on the idyllic river Eider, Schleswig-Holstein’s longest river, or on the Kiel Canal, the busiest artificial waterway in the world – in the district of Dithmarschen there are always guests from everywhere warm welcome. Wherever you are in Dithmarschen: take a deep breath, enjoy the landscape and feel the proximity to the North Sea.

There is also wilderness in Central Europe!
Large areas of the Wadden Sea on the North Sea coast are still in their original state. In the Wadden Sea National Park, traditional uses of nature such as crab and mussel fishing are permitted. The fascination of undisturbed nature invites people to walk on the beach, swim in the sea, hike on the mudflats, take trips to the seal banks and watch birds in the salt marshes.

Resort Village of Friedrichskoog
The long-established farmers and fishermen are descendants of pioneers: the land on which they live and work in Friedrichskoog first had to be reclaimed from the sea. This happened about 150 years ago. Lengthy dike measures were necessary before the fertile soil could be used. The independent municipality of Friedrichskoog is Dithmarschen’s largest municipality and, with the seal station, is a magnet for visitors of all ages.

The port and lock city of Brunsbüttel, located on the river Elbe and the Kiel Canal, has a number of attractions worth seeing to offer visitors. Big ships from all over the world can be experienced up close here. The canal with its huge locks is the busiest artificial waterway in the world and from the Brunsbüttel dike you can look over the mouth of the river Elbe and watch the big ships from Hamburg until they disappear on the horizon.

Cathedral city of Meldorf
Regardless of which direction you are coming from, the imposing Meldorfer Dom welcomes its guests and citizens from far away, just as it used to serve as a guide for sailors in the past. Today it invites guests in a friendly manner into the city and shows them the way to the historic market square. From here, the inner city area can be reached in a few minutes on foot.

In the midst of wide fields and green meadows, directly on the North Sea, lies the fishing and health resort of Büsum. Here you can experience natural spectacles such as low and high tide, raging storms and idyllic tranquility as well as rain and sun. Anyone who has experienced and enjoyed this West Coast atmosphere appreciates it. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, every season in Büsum has its own special attractions.

Long walks, stand-up paddling, kite flying: there is no shortage of leisure activities in the popular North Sea town of Sankt Peter-Ording!